I’m a Stress Eater

I’m a stress eater!  I’m the mother of nine children.  Three of them were adopted out of foster care and have had some real challenges.  Yes, at times my life is extremely stressful.  Not a great combination for a stress eater.   If you were to look at pictures of me over the last 15 years you would be able to see how much stress was in my life by how overweight I was.  The only problem is you will not find any pictures of me at my highest weights.   If you do they are of me in the background unaware that a picture was being taken.  I hid from the cameras.

When I have a really bad day, I think I deserve a treat.  I need a treat.  A treat will make me feel better.  The problem is once I eat that treat I do not feel better.  I only feel worse about myself.   I overeat then I begin to beat myself up inside.  What a vicious cycle.  I abuse my body and then I abuse myself.    This cycle only adds to my stress.

As a mother of a large family, I also do not do a very good job of taking time to take care of myself.  I make sure my family gets breakfast and lunch but, feeding myself these meals is often an afterthought.  I certainly don’t usually take the time to make sure I am eating healthy low calorie meals that will help me control my weight.  We eat dinner together so that is not usually a problem.

These are my two major problems as a stress eater.   One, I like to eat the wrong foods when I am stressed.  Two, when life gets stressful I don’t take time to feed myself the right kinds of foods especially for breakfast and lunch.   This is where the My Support Products come in!

When I use the My Support System of Weight Loss, I don’t have to think about what I am going to eat for breakfast or lunch.   I just have a convenient shake that tastes great too.   I have used many other shakes.  Many of them taste terrible.  I am not good at forcing myself to drink something that I don’t like.  Many of them have left me hungry after an hour or so.  That is when I go looking for my treats especially if I am having a stressful day!   The My Support Products help me solve these two problems.

When I drink the My Support Shake or the Metabolic Quick Start Shake I am full for hours.  I am not tempted with treats when I am completely full and satisfied.   I drink one of these shakes for breakfast and the other for lunch.  If you would like to see the full system that I use you can read about it here.   This combination has helped me curb cravings and feel great.

As I have said before, I have tried many other shakes and I have also tried many different diet plans.   Most every plan I have ever been on leaves me feeling weak, shaky and hungry.  I had begun to believe that this feeling was a requirement for losing weight.  I do not feel that when I am using the My Support Products.  I have never felt so supported while I lost weight.   I don’t have my normal cravings. I don’t feel weak and shaky.  I feel great and I still lose weight!

Don’t just take my word for it.  Try it out for yourself.   If you haven’t ordered a free sample yet,  order it here.  If you have already gotten a free sample what are you waiting for?  Order today and get your stress eating under control.

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