What is the best way to make your shakes?

I’ve been asked this question a few times now, so having used the My Support Shake for years, I decided to pass on my experience. I use the shake not just as part of a diet or weight loss program, but also to help maintain a healthy weight after the dieting and losing weight. I’ve worked hard to drop about 40 pounds.*  The last thing I want to do is go back to where I was before all that work.

I use several of our shakes day to day. If I’m losing weight, I use the Metabolic Quick Start shake for breakfast and the My Support Shake for lunch. With a snack around 3-4 and a reasonably healthy dinner, doing just that helps me drop weight fast. If I’m not trying to lose, but instead maintain my weight, I’ll use the My Support Shake for one meal a day, and I don’t gain anything at all.

My instructions here are good for all of the shakes we sell. I love the shake as cold as I can make it. Once, on a whim, I decided to try the shake with hot water – I was thinking hot chocolate yummy! But that didn’t work out very well. For some reason the flavor that I love cold just didn’t work for me hot. I’ve heard others say the same thing. Because of this, I always use ice when I make the shake.

My preferred method of making any of our shakes is simple. First, put a couple of cubes of ice into the blender with just enough cold water to fill the blender up to the 12 ounce mark – I like my shake with a little more water in it than some people prefer. Then I blend the ice and water together. Once the ice and water are being blended, I tap in 1.5 scoops of the powder and about 30 seconds later I have an ice cold shake ready to get me through another morning.

I really believe that planning ahead are key to making any diet work. Sadly, when I’m out of the house I don’t always have easy access to a blender. I keep a tub of the My Support Shake in my desk. I used to just stir the shake powder into a glass of water with some ice. The result was ok, but not even close to as good as what I can do with a blender. The powder doesn’t dissolve as well if you just stir it, and it tends to clump around the ice. I want to keep the ice because I love all the shakes even better when they are ice cold.

One day I was browsing a big box retailer down the road from my office, and I found and bought a shaker bottle. The bottle was cheap – less than $10 when I got it, and it has a metal spring like ball in it. Turns out that if you shake the powder, water and ice mixture, it mixes very well. I liked the bottle so much, I went looking for the manufacturer. I found them just a couple of miles from my house! I became an authorized retailer of their shaker bottles, and I’ve since offered their ProStak Blender Bottle on our site. I love the ProStak Blender Bottle because you can use the stacks or not depending on your needs. If you are traveling, you can “stack” two servings of the shake in the attaching compartments. Then no matter where you are, you have your shake ready to go. If you don’t need the “stacks,” you just pop them off and away you go.

At work (or I’ve even just walked into a service station while traveling) I get a few pieces of ice out of the ice machine, put them in the container and then fill it with water. Tap in the shake powder from the “stack” compartment, and then I put the lid back on and shake the container (I can even shake it upside down!) to mix the powder into the water. Shaking the container (especially with ice and the mixer ball in it), works very well. I get a smooth, evenly mixed, ice-cold shake.

When I’m done, I just rinse the container with water and take it home to run through the dishwasher. Its perfect for taking a 1-2 servings of any of our shake on the go.


*Individual results will vary when using these products.

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